The Local History Association was founded in 1928 with intent to maintain the Local History Museum, collect and document local cultural heritage. The Association also raises interest to preserve our cultural heritage. The Association organizes a lot of different annual events and activities. During recent years, the focus has been on events for children, the renovations of the museum buildings and attracting new members.

Apart from the Local History Museum the Association maintains the Industrial Museum and the geological exhibition at the Storgård homestead. In addition, the Association owns several historic buildings in Old Town, such as Ella Jansson's house, the Churchquarter Cottage, th esmall Björkfeldt's Cottage and the historic Fire Depo. The Local History Association also has its own publication series, which can be seen under the "Shop" tab.

About 170 members make up the Association. Around 20 members take actively part in the managing of the museum buildings, helping with the garden and in demonstration of traditional crafts during museum events.

For those interested in becoming a member of the Association please do not hesitate to contact us. The membership fee is 10 euros for a year or 100 euros for perpetual membership.

The current president of the Association is Lena Långbacka, phone 040-556 9908, e-mail