Opening hours

The Local History Museum:

1.6–31.8.2024 tue–sun 11:00–16:00 (closed during midsummer)

The Industrial Museum:

4.7–11.8.2024 thu–sun 11:00 –16:00

Other times according to separate agreements.

Entrance fee 5 €/person (free entrance for children under 12)

A guided tour is included in the entrance fee.

For pre-booked guided tours outside of our opening hours a guidance fee of 50 euros is added.

1. The  Local History Museum

2.  The Industrial Museum

3. The Old Town

The Local History Museum

Storgårdsgatan 13
21600 Pargas
Tel. +385 (0)2 458 1452

The Industrial Museum

Gruvvägen 1
21600 Pargas
Tel. +385 (0)2 458 1452

Director of the Museums

Anne Bergström
Tel. +358 (0)50 596 2112


Unfortunately, our museums are inaccessible for wheelchairs and walking frames. Most of the buildings have stairs and high doorsteps.

Timetables for buses and more information about public transport to Pargas can be found at, or