Welcome on a journey back in time!

The archipelago town Pargas there is a lot to discover for those interested in history. Here you can find the Pargas Local History Museum, the Industrial Museum, and the historic Old Town. Our knowledgeable guides will lead through the history of Pargas, including tales of a crofter’s life and old traditions to local ghost stories and folklore.

The Local History Museum is a calm oasis in the middle of town. Here you will every kind of traditional plant and there is plenty of room for children to run and play.

At the Industrial Museum you can get a full view of Northern Europes largest strip mine as well as get a grasp of the importance of limestone quarrying in Pargas. The Old Town can easily be explored on your own by scanning the QR-codes placed on signs at selected points of interest.

The Local History Museum is open 1.6–31.8.2024 tue–sun 11:00–16:00 (closed during midsummer) and The Industrial Museum is open 4.7–11.8.2024 thu–sun 11:00 –16:00.