The Attu cottage

The cottage was originally situated in the village of Storstrand on the island of Attu. It was donated to the museum by Attu Inc. in 1937.

The house is a boatswain´s cottage. A boatswain was allowed to live at the cottage in exchange for military services to the crown. During the 17th and 18th centuries it was stipulated that five farmers together had to outfit a soldier, in this case a boatswain for the crown. The soldier received a cottage and some land in exchange for his serviced to the crown.

The cottage was probably built around 1750 in a typical Swedish manner with a cottage in one end, the shed in the other and an entrance in between. The cottage has a birch bark roof weighted down by wood. It is furnished with plain furniture common for the 18th century. 

There is also some fishing equipment as fishing was common practise among maritime peasantry with limited farmland.