The Attu Viking Age Axe Neckalage

Sometimes between AD800-1000 the body of a man was set aflame on the island of Attu in Pargas. He was burned along with some of his belongings which included an axe.The axe was rediscovered and is the collections of the museum. A line of silver necklages were developed using the axe as model. These necklages can only be purchased at the museum shop. These are great gifts and valuable rememberance piece for anyone traveling along the St. Olav route as the axe connects Southwest Finland to the Scandinavian Vikingworld. 


Museum shops

We have two giftshops in our museums in Pargas. One shop is in connection with the Industrial Museum adjecent to the Lime stone quarry. The other one is at the Local History Museum. We sell unique products and gifts. Our shops are the only place in the world were you can obtain specimen of the rare Pargasit mineral.   

We also have an assortment of unique silver jewellery, design and created specifically for our museum. Have a look and see what you can find.